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Tallinna Elektrotehnika Tehas "Estel" AS

We are glad to inform You that since 2012 SPF “Spectr” is the Official Representative and Dealer of “ is the Official Representative and Dealer of Tallinna Elektrotehnika Tehas "Estel" AS” on the territory of Ukraine and is also authorized to represent the interests of the company “TET Estel AS” in Republic of Cuba and the countries of Central and South America.

Taking this opportunity, we offer to Your attention equipmemt designed and manufactured at “Tallinna Elektrotehnika Tehas "Estel" AS” which is used in different branches of industry: machine building, power engineering, mining industry and also in aviation and rail transport.

Ground power units for aviation needs which is being used for civilian aircraft and helicopters during the process of preflight training and maintenance.

Type of equipment:

  • Airport rectifiers AR-1x400x28,0 & AR-1x400x28,5
  • Frequency converters FCA-30, FCA-90-12S, FCA-90-12M, FCA-90-12HC, FCA-90-12H
  • Combined Power Supply Unit (Converter/Rectifier) AR2/FCA25
  • Automatic cable winding device ACW-01

Electrotermal equipment which is being used in technological processes: heating, thermal treatment, metal melting, high qualified soldering and welding of stainless metals, designed and manufactured at “Tallinna Elektrotehnika Tehas "Estel" AS”.

Type of equipment:

  • Induction heating installations: TFC series thyristor frequency converters for feeding the induction heating installations and FCI series transistor frequency converters
  • AR series power suppliers for vacuum-electric arc furnaces
  • AR-E series power suppliers for open-type DC electric arc furnaces
  • Heat exchangers for water (liquid) cooling of electrical equipment
  • Induction heating units
  • Induction hardening installations

Frequency converters for electric motors, which is being used to run the mechanisms with high starting torque and constant torque on the engine shaft while its launching.

Type of equipment:

  • UPTF equipment
  • UPP series high-voltage smooth starting devices
  • SPCHRS type frequency converters (HV drive synchronous motors)
  • ETVA type frequency converters (HV drive induction motor)

Frequency converters and rectifiers for railway, public transport and substations, which is being used for DC traction substations of electric railways, underground railways">DC traction substations of electric railways, underground railways and urban transport.

Type of equipment:

  • V-MPPD Series rectifiers for the power supply of diesel-electric traction motors
  • VIU series reversible converters for electric locomotive
  • Auxiliary Power Converter APC-10-1,5k
  • Power Unit PU-6-0,4k for oil pump motor of electric locomotive

All products of “TET ESTEL AS” are of the highest quality and is certified according to the new version of the standard ISO9001 (Certificate № EST06410A).