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About The Company

Scientific and Production Firm “SPECTR” was founded on September 13, 1994. Since 1995 it has been working in the world market, supplying the products of Ukrainian manufacturers for the needs of the foreign customers.

Since the foundation, a company mainly aims to establish a constant cooperation with the enterprises of the Republic of Cuba in the area of Ukrainian products supply.

In 2001 the Representation of Scientific and Production Firm “SPECTR”, ensuring the coordination between partners of the given area, was registered in the Republic of Cuba.

Within 20 years of work in the Cuban market, SPFSPECTRbecame the main supplier of the following Cuban enterprises: ACINOX COMERCIAL, AVIAIMPORT SA, IGT, EMIAT, MATCO, EINI, ENERGOIMPORT, TECNOIMPORT, CONSTRUIMPORT, TRANSCUPET, BUKANEROS.

Scientific and Production Firm “SPECTR” successfully cooperates with the companies of Latin America.

SPFSPECTRis a founder of a number of Ukrainian enterprises, which prosper in the world market.

In May 2001 with the participation of such Ukrainian companies as the National Association of Sugar Producers of UkraineUkrtsukor”, JSC "Tsukorimpeks", Corporation “Ukrinmash” and SPC "SPECTR".

CJSC “ UkrKaribeimpeks" (Kyiv) was established in order to provide Ukrainian market with ecologically clean products, as well as with the products for industrial purposes and quality products of national consumption.

The main activity of the above-mentioned company involves:

  • purchase of raw sugar with further its processing to white and refined ones;

  • production and realization of white and refined sugar as well as of other sugar feedstock and by-products of sugar processing;

  • export and import of food processing, electromechanical and other equipment as well as of automated lines and introduction of new technologies;

  • production, purchase, processing and sale of agricultural products;

  • delivery and installation of process equipment for agricultural production and development of environmentally friendly products, including export.

In 2001 SPF “SPECTR” participated in the establishment of CJSC “Promintex Company” (Kyiv). Such companies as corporation “Ukrinmash”, LLC Scientific and Production Firm “SPECTR”, OJSC “Dniproshyna”, the National Association of Sugar Producers of UkraineUkrtsukor, CJSC “Odessa Sugar Company”, CJSC “Dubnotsukorargo” became the stakeholders of CJSC “Promintex Company”.

In close cooperation with State Self-Supporting Foreign Trade and Investment Firm "Ukrinmash", CJSC “Promintex Company” (Kyiv) performs works on concluding of the foreign trade contracts for the enterprises of engineering, metallurgical, chemical and other industries of Ukraine.

Due to the development of trade and economic relations between Ukraine and Southern Asia, in 2009 CJSC “Promintex Company” established its Representative Office in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Hanoi), which coordinates and ensures the implementation of commercial and industrial projects within the given region.

Major countries, collaborating with SPF “SPECTR”:


 Austria  Vietnam  Cuba  Saudi Arabia
 Argentina  Germany  Latvia  Slovakia
 Bangladesh  India  Macedonia  Taiwan
 Belgium  Indonesia  Mexico  Thailand
 Belarus  Jordan  Panama  Croatia
 Bulgaria  Italy  South Africa  Czech Republic
 Brazil  Canada  Peru  Ecuador
 Great Britain  Cyprus  Poland  Estonia
 Hungary  China  Russia  UAE
 Venezuela  Korea  Serbia